BASHKIR STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY is a Russian public university that offers compelling reasons to study MBBS abroad. Let’s explore why it could be the perfect choice for you.

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BSMU Russia, founded in 1932, stands as one of the most esteemed medical universities in the Russian Federation. It proudly serves as the nucleus of medical and pharmaceutical sciences in the Republic of Bashkortostan, offering an array of top-notch educational programs for both domestic and international students.

Their medical journey began with the Faculty of General Medicine, and over the years, they have expanded their horizons. In 1961, the Faculty of Pediatrics was established, followed by the Faculty of Preventive Medicine (later renamed Faculty of Preventive Medicine and Microbiology) in 1970. In 1976, they introduced the Faculty of Dentistry, and in 1981, the Faculty of Pharmacy joined their ranks.

In a monumental step in 2010, the esteemed Ufa Medical College became an integral part of BSMU Russia, further strengthening their commitment to providing comprehensive medical education.

Currently, BASHKIR STATE UNIVERSITY comprises of five faculties, each dedicated to excellence in a specific domain:

  1. eneral Medicine
  2. Dentistry
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Preventive Medicine
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BASHKIR STATE UNIVERSITY is home to over 8,000 aspiring medical students, including more than 850 foreign students representing 40 diverse countries. This international exchange of knowledge fosters a multicultural and enriching learning environment.

They take immense pride in nurturing talent through their extensive clinical residences and PhD programs, where over 1,000 students are actively engaged in cutting-edge research. Additionally, they offer 7,000 postgraduate professional trainings, allowing our students to continuously enhance their expertise.

BSMU Russia boasts the United Center of Simulation Based Training, a cutting-edge facility equipped with state-of-the-art simulators. Within this center, our students, clinical residents, and physicians master practical skills in various medical disciplines, including neonatology, anesthesiology, resuscitation, obstetrics and gynecology, endoscopy, and neurosurgery. Since 2016, the center for primary accreditation of doctors and pharmacists has been an instrumental addition to their infrastructure.

Research and innovation are at the core of their identity. BSMU operates several specialized research facilities, such as the Central Scientific Research Laboratory, Cell Culture Laboratory, Laboratory of Experimental Surgery, Vivarium, Scientific Research Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, and the Scientific Research Institute of Oncology. Their esteemed scientific library houses a vast collection of approximately 527,000 items, making it one of Russia's premier medical libraries.

BSMU has forged a unique partnership with RUSNANO's PET Center in Ufa, a collaboration that enables us to train specialists in the field of nuclear medicine, shaping the future of medical advancements.

Notably, BSMU's commitment to service extends beyond the realm of academia. We proudly trained over 700 volunteers for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2014, held in Sochi, showcasing our dedication to making a positive impact on the global stage.

BSMU strives for excellence in every facet of medical education. Their mission is to train students into being skilled and compassionate medical professionals who will make a significant difference in healthcare worldwide

Detailed Overview University

Location Ufa City, Russia
Year of Establishment 1932
Intake September
Medium of Teaching English
Course Duration 6 years
Courses Offered MBBS
Internship Yes; last year will be an internship
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University Fees Structure

Ingush University is approved by the WHO, the NMC, and the Russian Ministry of Health Education.

Sr No.








Medical Insurance
(& Other Costs)


One Time Administrative

Fee in University






















































NOTE: you will be required to pay 1500 Russian Ruble as one time administrative charges in university in the first year of your MBBS program in BSMU.

Why choose BSMU for MBBS?

A Premier Destination for MBBS in Russia

BSMU is renowned for its excellence in medical education and offers a six-year MBBS program, including a one-year internship. The medium of instruction is English, making it highly accessible for international students, especially those from India. With a seat limit of 1000-1500 for international students, BSMU ensures a conducive and focused learning environment.

Interactive Learning and Assessment

At BSMU, the approach to learning is highly engaging and effective. Each lecture spans two hours, and students attend three such lectures daily. After the completion of each chapter, students undergo tests and exams, enhancing their medical knowledge. These exams, usually viva-based, challenge students to exhibit their understanding, ensuring that only the most competent students succeed. The test marks are added to their final mark sheet, fostering continuous improvement.

Campus and Hostel Facilities

BSMU takes care of its students' comfort and convenience by providing in-campus hostel facilities, which significantly save transportation costs. The separate hostel rooms for boys and girls are equipped with bunk beds and Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring a comfortable living space. The safety of students is of utmost priority, with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance in both the campus and hostel premises.

Multiple Attempts for Success

BSMU recognizes that excellence comes with perseverance. In case a student doesn't clear an exam, they are granted a reexamination within seven days, and subsequently, two more chances within 15 days each. This supportive system allows students up to four attempts to clear their exams, providing ample opportunity for success.

Practical Training and Clinical Exposure

BSMU believes in a holistic medical education that includes practical training. The university organizes student camps during vacations and holidays, offering hands-on practice in various medical procedures like suturing and administering different types of injections. Practical classes consist of smaller groups of 10-15 students, allowing each individual to practice on cadavers without any rush, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.
Clinical exposure begins after the third year when students gain invaluable experience working with patients under the guidance of experienced medical professionals. The warm and friendly nature of both Russian locals and teachers fosters a comfortable and nurturing environment for Indian students to adapt seamlessly.

Support and Guidance for Indian Students

BSMU understands the challenges international students may face, especially concerning language barriers. To ease the transition, the university employs Indian teachers who provide invaluable support and guidance to Indian medical students. The faculty is always approachable and willing to help, ensuring students never feel lost or overwhelmed.

State-of-the-Art Campus Infrastructure

BSMU boasts a modern and well-equipped campus, providing students with a conducive learning environment. The university continually invests in updating its infrastructure to meet global standards. The campus houses advanced laboratories, cutting-edge research facilities, and comprehensive libraries stocked with an extensive collection of medical literature, both in print and electronic formats. These resources empower students to delve deep into their studies and stay at the forefront of medical advancements.

Simulation-Based Training

BSMU embraces innovative teaching methods, and Simulation Based Training (SBT) is one such approach that sets it apart. SBT involves practical learning through simulated medical scenarios, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a controlled environment. This hands-on training helps students develop essential clinical skills, build confidence, and improve patient care abilities. The university's state-of-the-art simulation labs enable students to practice various medical procedures, enhancing their overall learning experience.

English Medium Instruction

Language can be a significant barrier for international students, but BSMU overcomes this challenge by providing instruction in English. This language medium facilitates seamless communication and learning for Indian students, making the transition to studying in a foreign country much smoother. By offering courses in English, BSMU ensures that students focus on their studies and excel in their academic pursuits.

Affordable MBBS Fees

For Indian students, the cost of pursuing MBBS abroad is an essential factor. BSMU offers an affordable fee structure compared to many other universities, making it an attractive choice for those seeking quality education without burdening their finances. The university's commitment to providing exceptional education at reasonable costs has made it a preferred destination for Indian students aspiring to become medical professionals.

Hostel Facilities and Student Accommodation

BSMU takes great care in providing comfortable and safe accommodation for its international students. On-campus hostels offer convenient living options, saving students from transportation hassles. Separate hostel buildings for male and female students ensure privacy and security. The hostel rooms are well-furnished, with amenities like bunk beds and Wi-Fi connectivity. The university maintains strict surveillance through CCTV cameras, ensuring the safety and well-being of its students.

Comprehensive Medical Curriculum

BSMU's MBBS program spans six years, which includes a year of internship. The university offers a well-structured and comprehensive medical curriculum that covers essential subjects in-depth. This holistic approach to medical education equips students with a strong foundation in theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The program also includes clinical exposure, allowing students to gain real-world experience and prepare for the challenges of the medical profession.

Supportive Faculty and Guidance

BSMU's faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to nurturing the talents of their students. The university ensures a healthy teacher-student ratio, facilitating personalized attention and guidance. Indian students find great support from Indian teachers who understand their cultural background and help them adapt to the new environment. The faculty's approachability and willingness to provide assistance ensure that students receive all the support they need to excel in their studies

Documents Required

  • 10th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • 12th passing certificate
  • NEET scorecard
  • Original passport
  • Passports size photograph
  • HIV report card (Negative)
  • Covid report ( Negative)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate

Intakes and Eligibility

Ingus University offers intakes for MBBS in September and October.




17+ of age by the end of the year of application.


English medium

50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 10th and 12th.

NEET Qualification


Medium of Teaching


Note - Neet scorecard is valid for up to 3 years.

Admission Process

  • Abroad Education Consultancy would help you to choose a university based on its reputation and your budget.
  • You need to apply for a passport/ renew a passport if not done already.
  • Fill out the application form with precise information.
  • We would send all the necessary documents to the selected universities for student consideration.
  • You will receive an admission letter from the university shortly after your application is processed.
  • The correctly filled admission letter along with other documents would then be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for the visa stamp.
  • Once you receive your visa, you may take a flight to Russia.
  • You must physically appear for the entrance exam of the university. Entrance exam at state universities are usually easy and is cleared mostly by everyone.
  • You will then be provided with an orientation session to get acquainted with the university campus.


After careful consideration, it is evident that BASHKIR STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY (BSMU) is an excellent choice for students seeking to pursue MBBS studies abroad. BSMU has a long-standing reputation for excellence and offers a six-year MBBS program in English, making it easily accessible to international students, especially those from India. The university's modern facilities, including the United Center of Simulation Based Training, promote practical learning and clinical experience. BSMU's faculty is supportive, the learning environment is interactive, and students are given multiple opportunities to succeed on their exams. Additionally, the affordable tuition fees and comprehensive curriculum make BASHKIR STATE UNIVERSITYa highly desirable option. With the guidance of Abroad Education Consultancy, students can navigate the admission process with ease and begin their journey as skilled and compassionate medical professionals at BASHKIR STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY.


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General FAQ's

Considering your application as early as possible is the best way to go. After all, the sooner you gain acceptance into a university, the sooner you can arrange your travels. To avoid disappointment, note down all the relevant application deadlines (set out by your chosen university) in HUGE LETTERS on your calendar.
Application deadlines will be different depending on the school, but, for programs starting in the fall (September/October), applications will generally be open from early in the year (January/February) until the middle of the year (June/July)..

Whether you can stay back after the completion of your course varies from country to country. For example, the UK allows international students to remain for four months after completing the course (for a degree-level course they can stay for 12 months or more). In the US, an F1 student visa holder can complete up to a year of temporary employment directly related to their major field of study. However, employment must be found within 90 days of the completion of the course. If you have completed at least two years of study in Australia, you may stay back for 18 months to gain work experience.

Not necessarily. Some countries allow students to stay back to gain experience or seek temporary employment. You can apply for a work visa afterwards and if approved continue to stay there.

Absolutely. digibank by DBS offers education loans for students who wish to study abroad at attractive interest rates. You can start repaying your student loan a year after your studies are completed or six months after getting your first job, whichever is earlier.

Once you are on campus, you may feel the need to transfer to a different university. In such scenarios, the consequences on the validity of your student visa will depend on your university. When you are granted a visa to study at a university abroad, it is usually based on the university's requirements. If you wish to change to a different university, you may need to cancel your student visa and apply afresh, depending on the rules governing visas in the country you are studying in.

Almost all major universities ask international students to open a local bank account. It helps you pay bills and accept payment for part-time work. Opening of a bank account is part of the orientation programme at most universities. Your liaison officer or advisor on campus will help you through the process.

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