Flight Bookings & Travel Insurance

Flight Bookings & Travel Insurance

Purchasing flight tickets and confirming your flight booking is the key aspect of your study abroad planning. Travelling for study, you cannot make an itinerary until you have first and, foremost booked your flights.

Procuring an air ticket is a mandatory first step once your travel plans are confirmed. It feels as though half the job is done the moment you secure confirmed flight ticket booking in your hand.

When you're in a rush to book your tickets, the entire process of looking for air connectivity between two locations, checking the flight schedule, and settling on the one that's most convenient to you might feel like a lot of effort.

We offer great discounts on domestic and international flight tickets. Being a reliable name in the travel industry of India, we focus on providing a smooth flight booking experience to our customers. So, book air tickets at the lowest airfare by planning your trip with us. You can also get all relevant information like how to get the boarding passes, the difference between airline tickets and boarding pass tickets, flight status, arrival and departure times of the flights, web check-in and various information one needs to have before travelling.

    How Do We Assist You in Booking Flights?

  • We provide personalized guidance on Selecting flight
  • Booking tickets on discounts
  • Payment Processing
  • Get Boarding pass
  • Advice on necessary documents to be taken to the airport on departure.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is intended to cover all your major travelling cost like medical expenses, financial blunders of travel supplier or other losses arouse while travelling within country or internationally. At the time of booking a trip, a temporary travel insurance can be arranged that will cover the total duration of one trip. On the other hand, a multi-trip policy covers unlimited number of trips within a specific time frame. It is an exclusive service that assures you a safe and happy journey.