University selection

University selection Study Abroad

Even though unable to score high in the GRE, or Even though you unable to score high under-graduation scores, Does not stop you from determined dream and even getting into top university By planning a good SOP (Statement of Purpose) and LOR (Letter of Recommendation). There are 53 medical schools in Russia, 45 in Ukraine, 26 in Georgia, 17 in Canada. It is very crucial for you to decide a right university for you so that you can have a bright future ahead as a doctor.

We help you to decide a right university by

  • University admission in developed countries is not based on just specific requirements.
  • Giving you the detailed information about all the top medical universities present in these countries.
  • Matching your preference and parameters with universities and shortlist a right university basis on your budget
  • Giving you complete information about the requirements of different universities make your application stronger so that you have a better chance of getting an admission.
  • Inform you about the scholarship / assistant ship timeline of all the top universities in the countries